Saturday, February 16, 2013

Window Transparencies

We made window transparencies from a pattern in the book "Mit farbigen Transparenten durch das Jahr" by Michaela Kronshage.

I love how they came out!

Yoav's was fun to make but mine had too many tiny things (like the fish and birds) that were really hard to cut.  You need a very thin, sharp scissors.  I used a pair of embroidery scissors, which worked pretty well.  The one thing I learned that will make future transparencies much easier is NOT to try to follow the pattern exactly on the tiny things.  I think it might say that here (a tutorial, based on the book), but I'm not sure from the Google translate :)  If you try to trace with a pen or pencil, you then have to cut inside of those lines, or the pen/pencil shows on the tissue paper.  Much better to cut freehand.  Larger things like the boat and sun can easily be traced and then cut just inside of the tracing lines.

Yoav's Window Transparency
Yoav's Window Transparency

Finally finished *my* Window Transparency - can't really say I enjoyed making it - WAY too much fine motor and patience required for me!
My Window Transparency

I'd love to have one of these per season! 

BTW, you can see many many beautiful examples of these on pinterest by searching for "Waldorf Transparencies".  Enjoy!

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