Saturday, February 2, 2013

LARTs Block Finished

First, thanks everyone for the warm comments.  Each one was very much appreciated.

Last year, I managed to have a much more blog-worthy homeschooling experience.  This year, the dynamics of the boys has been very difficult.  They love eachother and play well together (sometimes), but Elie (5yo) is not always a willing participant in our school days.  He wants me to play with him rather than do Main Lesson with Yoav.  I have toys set up in our schoolroom which is working fairly well, but certainly far from 100%.  Looking ahead, I can't get my head around what it will be like to actually do two separate Main Lessons!

I do want to try to maintain this blog, though.  It forces me to take photos and document more than I otherwise would.  

So on to some pics from this block, which we just finished (math block coming up next)...  We did the whole block in the same format that I wrote about earlier here.

To help Yoav's reading, I got the Davidow readers (it was actually a gift from a wonderful friend!) and I made a page of capital letters with their corresponding lowercase letters (format from Audrey McAllen's "Teaching Children Handwriting".  Yoav started playing chess this summer and now is very motivated to learn to read so he can read his chess books ;)  

Here are a few photos from this block:

Example of the chalkboard after we've come up with words for three word families:


Yoav writing out words - we focused on the short vowel sounds for this block and did three word families per day.  We started out using stick crayons, but I bought a 3B pencil (per McAllen's suggestion) after a particularly frustrating experience for Yoav: he wrote a word wrong in the third set and wanted to erase it :(  He cried a bit, threw the paper, rewrote it all and then I bought him a pencil and eraser :)

Yoav practicing a form for Form Drawing (form from Live Ed):

Watercolor Painting - from an amazing new book that I highly recommend called "Painting and Drawing in Waldorf Schools".

Making Window Stars from this tutorial:
Yoav making Waldorf Window Star

Elie making Waldorf Window Star

Waldorf Window Star

And my favorite craft from the block - these little "Oakies" - pattern here:
Knitted Oakies (pattern at - mine on the left; Yoav's on the right


  1. Looks like you guys are doing great, and accomplishing so much! :-)

  2. Thanks, Ester - it's a blog, though - these are the happy accomplishing-things pics - I don't post (or take) ones of my kids fighting :)

  3. Your classroom looks great! I love teh window stars too. It looks like they're learning Mama! Keep it up. :)

  4. Lovely to see some photos of your day and the various window transparencies/stars (in this post and the more recent) are wonderful - we love making them too!