Sunday, October 3, 2010

Simchat Torah Craft: Felt Torah

This is our Simchat Torah craft. A bit late for anyone looking for inspiration for this year - too many holidays, too much to do! ;)

The project was a felt Torah and Yoav really enjoyed this project and LOVED the end result. He loved bringing his beautiful Torah to shul and carried it around like it was a baby and placed it on his shelf in the playroom after Simchat Torah was over.


One piece 100% wool felt, 8" x 5"
2 sticks, fairly straight - mine are 7.5" long, 1/4" diameter
Paper for scroll - ours is 4.5" x 60"
Wool yarn to use as Torah Binder
Wool yarn for finger crocheted top and bottom
Scraps of felt, buttons, etc. for decoration

1. Make two 7.25" long finger crochet chains to decorate the top and bottom (and to add finger crocheting to the craft, always a happy addition to any Waldorf craft LOL). Attach with a few stitches, starting at one end of the felt (ie, about 1" will be left on the other side - this is where the felt cover will overlap when rolled into a cylinder).
2. Add any other decorations with glue or sewing. To save time, I sewed Yoav's house design onto the Torah with back stitch. It might also be fun to do some simple embroidery as decoration.
3. Roll felt into a cylinder, with about a 1" overlap. The finger crochet ends should line up perfectly. Pin in place and sew with backstitch or running stitch - or you could glue if preferred and you have time to wait for glue to dry :)
4. Cut out pieces of paper about 4.5" wide and tape together until about 60" long.
5. Tape paper onto sticks securely.
6. Roll up the scroll from both ends so they meet in the middle. Check to see if the scroll fits into the Cover. If so, bind the scroll by wrapping with a piece of yarn and knotting.
7. Insert scroll into Cover and bring to shul!

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  1. This is wonderful! I am so glad i found your site! You are an answer to prayer!!