Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tutorial: Felted Acorns


These are the felted acorns we made for our craft this week.  The acorns here (at least where we live) are different than the usual ones in the States.  I'll have to keep my eyes open for the smaller acorn caps.  These are still cute, but I like the US acorns better.  Yoav enjoys making felt balls, but this was the first time making the felted acorns and his eyes LIT UP with wonder and amazement when he saw the first one ;)

100% wool roving - available at A Child's Dream or either Omer or Orit Dotan's Etsy shop for those in Israel
Dishwasher soap
Acorn caps
Large bowl

1.  Fill a bowl with warm water and dishwashing detergent (I think any detergent works - I use Dr. Bronner's)
3.  Take a handful of roving and form into a ball as best you can.  Take some threads of roving and wrap around the outside of the ball to hold it together.
4.  Dribble some soapy water plus some extra soap gently around the outside of the roving.
5.  Pass the "ball" back and forth between your hands very gently (no squeezing).
6.  Sing as you do this, because it will be a while!  ;)
7.  Dribble soapy water over the ball until it slowly becomes saturated.  Continue passing back and forth between your hands - this will cause the wool fibers to lock together - the ball will begin to firm up and get smaller.
8.  Once it begins to feel more like a ball than a blob of wool, start gently rolling it between the palms of your hands.  Continue to dribble soapy water over it occasionally.  You can gently squeeze excess water out as needed (don't do this before the ball begins to firm up or it will get lumpy).
9.  Continue for about ten minutes or until the ball is the firmness that you want.  The longer you continue the felting process, the denser the ball with become.
10.  Rinse in cold water and let sit overnight to dry.
11.  Match up felt balls with acorn caps in terms of size, add a squirt of craft glue into the acorn cap and glue the felt ball to the cap.  Let dry.

These make a great addition to an autumn Nature Table!


  1. These are precious! Is Y totally content to work the wool for the whole process? Do his hands get tired after 10 minutes? Trying to judge our future success with this craft....

  2. So sweet, and thanks for the great instructions! So nice to have you again on Craft Schooling Sunday, happy crafting!