Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving the Nourishing Traditions Way / Apron

We are going to Jeremy's cousin's house today for a Thanksgiving meal - she's been missing the big family Thanksgiving get-together since she moved to Israel about ten years ago. Now there are three Milikow families here - just enough to have a small Thanksgiving meal ;)

Since I've been on a Nourishing Traditions kick, I made three recipes from NT - Sweet Potato Puree, Sweet Potato Cookies and Onion-Cranberry Compote. The onion-cranberry thing is a substitute for the standard sugary cranberry sauce. It's ok. Meets the need. The puree tastes pretty yum - I made a tiny bit in a small pan to taste and I was happy with it. I love sweet potato, though, so it's hard for a sweet potato recipe made with delicious organic sweet potatoes to go wrong! The Sweet Potato cookies are DELICIOUS! All the boys love them! We ground barley using my grain grinder, but it's manual and so hard to use, Jeremy had to do half of it for me and it was even tiring for him. After that bit of grinding, he seems open to getting an electric grinder ;) A few people on my natural mamas yahoo group (Greentaramama) recommended this one. We'll see. I really do want a dehydrator too b/c my oven doesn't do low temperatures with much certainty. I made crispy almonds and I think they burned a little which would explain why the almond cookies I used them for don't taste good...

I also finished another little apron today - this one for my niece. I LOVE the fabric - it's called "Sunbonnet Sue", based on a quilting character from times past. The fabric is a linen/cotton blend and is really pleasing to the touch. I'm definitely going to have to use more linen. I'd love to make myself a linen apron - still on the to-do list ;)

Oh and I finally made labels for the doll quilts I'm giving as gifts. Definitely easy and worth the few minutes to put the label on!

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