Saturday, November 21, 2009

Food Overwhelm / Beach

I've been busy studying Nourishing Traditions and The Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book and also the Autumn Menu from Little Acorn Learning that I got. The Little Acorn Learning Menu is based on Nourishing Traditions and is amazing, but quite overwhelming! I'm going to try to dip my foot in slowly, but, as that's not really my Temperament, it might be hard :) We already priced out a few freezers. Hopefully we'll find a reasonably-priced one in the next week or so. Jeremy is traveling again in two weeks so I at least want it by then so I can start stockpiling stock (no pun intended) and foods for the kids...

A different grain for each day is part of the Waldorf Kindergarten and connected to the cosmic origins of the days of the week. A different grain a day fits in with the nourishing weekly rhythm the kindergarten thrives on. The most common listing of grains I have seen is the following, taken from The Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book:

Sunday (Sun): Wheat
Monday (Moon): Rice
Tuesday (Mars): Barley
Wednesday (Mercury); Millet
Thursday (Jupiter): Rye
Friday (Venus): Oats
Saturday (Saturn): Corn

I don't understand the origin, but I figure it can't possibly hurt to have a broader range to our grain diet, as long as it's in line with the Nourishing Tradition cooking methods...

Each day I'll have Breakfast (B) / Snack (S1) / Lunch (L) / Snack (S2) / Dinner (D) / Snack (S3). I'm going to start laying out my ideal since it's so overwhelming and I'll just work over the next few weeks on it (both finding recipes I think will work and testing on the kids) - so this page will stay my template. I'll include what book it's from (Nourishing Traditions NT, Little Acorn LA or Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book WK) or just my own simple ideas to fill in gaps will be without a reference. I'm starting off heavy on the Little Acorn since I have it all organized already - I'll slowly test recipes and modify this menu to suit us. My S3 will be the same each night - depending on how the sourdough bread that I'm making works out, ideally it will be sourdough bread with almond butter.

Sunday (Sun): Wheat - B: Wheat Pancakes (NT, p. 478) / S1: Fresh fruit / L: Sprouted whole wheat bread with almond butter / S2: Macaroons (NT p. 532) and fresh fruit / D: Scrambled eggs, Israeli salad, hummus, whole wheat pita / S3: Sourdough bread with almond butter (NT, p. 490) [We're usually out of the house for S1 - S2 on Sundays since it's our "Family Adventure Day", so the food choices reflect that.]

Monday (Moon): Rice - B: Apple Pie Autumn Smoothie (LA) / S1: Rice Crackers with Almond Butter (LA) / L: Simple Chicken Soup (LA) / S2: Coconut Brown Rice with Raisins and Cinnamon (LA) / D: Spaghetti with Rice Noodles / S3: Sourdough bread with almond butter (NT, p. 490)

Tuesday (Mars): Barley - B: ? / S1: Coconut Flour Apple Muffins (LA, if I can find coconut flour) / L: Eggie Pasta (LA) or Fried Egg (NT 437) / S2: Tuesday is our Baking Day, so we'll make a different snack each week from NT, LA or WK / D: / S3: Sourdough bread with almond butter (NT, p. 490)

Wednesday (Mercury); Millet - B: Bear Mush (LA) / S1: Toasted Millet Squares (LA) / L: Fall Veggie Quiche (LA) - will see how this is with oat milk instead of regular milk / S2: Fruits and Nuts (LA) / D: / S3: Sourdough bread with almond butter (NT, p. 490)

Thursday (Jupiter): Rye - B: Broccoli Breakfast Casserole (LA) / S1: Rye Bars (LA - not sure if I'll use this recipe since the grains aren't soaked first - I'll have ti figure out how to modify) or Rye Crackers with avocado (NT p. 518) / L: Pizza (LA) / S2: Carob-Banana Delights (NT p. 522) / D: / S3: Sourdough bread with almond butter (NT, p. 490)

Friday (Venus): Oats - B: Oatmeal with maple syrup (NT, p. 455) / S1: Apple Slices (NT p 522) / L: Fruit and Nut Sandwiches (LA) / S2: Hummus with Veggie Sticks for Elie and Avocado and Veggie Sticks for Yoav (LA) / D: Roast chicken with sweet potatoes, carrot/ginger soup, hummus, challah (not related to oats, but it's our standard Friday night Shabbat dinner and I've never heard of an oat challah LOL) / S3: Sourdough bread with almond butter (NT, p. 490)

Saturday (Saturn): Corn - B: / S1: Avocado with corn chips / L: / S2: Popcorn with Nutritional Yeast (LA) / D: Meat and corn tortillas / S3: Sourdough bread with almond butter (NT, p. 490)

We also went to the beach today and it was amazing. We went with our friends who live nearby - N & N and their three kids. I want to get into some sort of beach routine. The sand play is such a great Sensory Integration help for the kids, especially Yoav - he was running around barefoot, digging for shells, playing with the water. The whole experience is SO much better for him than anything I can provide at home. It would be great if we could go once a week, but probably every other week is a reasonable goal. We could go on Sundays before horse back riding. I took a great photo of Yoav running and smiling. I'll get it uploaded eventually... I actually had a really good talk with N also about Yoav's anxieties - like not wanting water spilled anywhere and such. She didn't say anything I didn't know already (that I need to remain calm and offer alternatives and I shouldn't let him control our lives in a negative way, which Aldort also says and I agree with...) but she said it all very compassionately and it was really helpful to me especially as it was based on seeing us in action. It's amazing Jer has a few very natural friends here - I got really lucky! N does work with Flower Essences, one of Jer's friend's wives is an acupuncturist, two send their kids to a Waldorf School up north, one of his friends lived without electricity for about ten years and built his own home up north, and another also built his own home up north and has goats, makes his own cheese, makes wine, has a few kids who go to a Waldorf school... Amazing since I don't really think Israel overall is necessarily so into natural living (probably similar to the States).

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  1. I love being at the beach with the kids. There is no place in the world that my kids are as happy as they are at the beach. I am amazed at the way they can independently play (at a very young age) for hours on end when they are there.